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Griselda Sheet


Current Stats

HP: 60/60, VP: 10/10, MP: 100/100, Status: Normal
Blood Alcohol Level: 0.00

Weapon Levels

Support Levels


Combat Stats

Field Stats



Special Attacks

Psychic Attacks

Magical Attacks

Elemental Modifiers


A mysterious witch whose backstory will probably never be revealed, she is found in the back of the Seraph Woods with one of the Blood Orbs. She claims to know and be under the employ of the creator of the Blood Orbs, but does not reveal who this is. When found, she is in league with the scientist who extracted Levan, who has increased the potential of her Blood Orb so that it can affect humans, but it does not work against humans who know its name. At the end of the battle, she goes kamikaze and causes the Blood Orb to explode, so the players do not get their hands on it. However, the resulting energy gives them their first permanent stat increases.