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Locke Sheet


Current Stats

HP: 50/50, VP: 75/75, MP: 5/5, Status: Normal
Blood Alcohol Level: 0.00

Weapon Levels

Support Levels


Combat Stats

Field Stats



Special Attacks

Psychic Attacks

Magical Attacks

Elemental Modifiers


One of the Donfather's top three wise guys along with Stalk and Beryl. Locke specializes in psychic attacks and isn't very handy with weapons, but he carries extra weapons for Stalk and Beryl in case theirs get stolen. He can use Ω-level Elemental PSI and the stat reduction ones, as well as Magnet up to γ, but only Shield α. He'll mainly use VimUp to revive dead partners, letting Stalk focus on healing larger amounts of HP once they're back up. He can also restore Stalk's MP with AuraUp. He's kind of the mediator between the excitable Beryl and the stoic Stalk.

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