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Turnip Mech Sheet



Seat 1


Elemental Modifiers


This is a retcon of a boss fought earlier in the game, the Turnip Mech piloted by Travis Turnip. Previously, the Mech was given a character sheet, but now I've remade it as a vehicle sheet. The Mech was a puzzle boss, and was only supposed to be beatable by throwing at it the two Turnips that Rammen held at the time—Travis's brothers, Tommy and Terry. As such it has high Defense Power and is immune to all Elements except for Plant, and it attains a turn of Electrification when its Forcefield lowers, preventing Jay from using his HP-draining (and Defense-piercing) Bite attack. The Forcefield that it can put up has its own HP stat and all damage is redirected to the Forcefield while it is up, but it doesn't have any Defense Power. Travis was soundly defeated and even his ghost was beaten again, so he will probably not reappear in the game, but it might be possible for the players to encounter another Turnip Mech with a different pilot. If so, though, I would probably make it an upgraded mech with a different sheet. This sheet is just for me to practice. An upgraded mech might not use VP, instead opting for ammo-based or unlimted-use attacks, as per the vehicle preference.