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Default Magical Spells

These default magical attacks are based on the higher-leveled magical tomes from Fire Emblem 9 and 10, with additional families extrapolated for the larger number of Elements present in Arpeggio. Player characters are required to learn these spells in order, from first listed to last, each costing another AP, and these different stages of the same spell type are referred to with similar alphabetical terminology to Weapon Levels: the first one is classified as "D-level," and so on up to "A"—with one important exception: A is the second-to-last on the lists, and the very last, which is typically the only multitarget spell in the group, actually counts as B-level, the same as the one before the A, which usually has a more unique name compared to all the others. Therefore, players can learn the multitarget, alternate-B-level spell instead of the normal B if they prefer, and can use this to later reach A. All of this is completely ignored for enemies and NPCs, who can learn any of these with no restrictions. Player characters can effectively bypass these restrictions by designing custom spells that are functionally identical to the higher-leveled versions of these default spells, and that is in fact the point, to encourage player creativity. But these spells are, of course, used by the magically-inclined default Fire Emblem enemies.