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Fire Emblem Enemy Sheets

Like Paper Mario, much of the Fire Emblem series was worked on by Intelligent Systems, and for this reason the two have certain similarities, though their stats are not directly transferable. Given my experience with Fire Emblem 9 and 10 (subtitled Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn), here I've made a set of enemy sheets based on the character classes in those games. Compared to the Paper Mario enemies, these Fire Emblem enemies come closer to matching the player characters in stats, which is how enemies generally work in Fire Emblem. Given the player characters' higher potential power in Arpeggio compared to Paper Mario, the Fire Emblem enemies will provide more of a challenge, and because they're mostly human, they can conceptually work in many different settings. However, since they fight using melee weapons, bows, or magical spells, a team of players who can both Disarm and Silence them can render them pretty helpless. The exception to this would be the laguz, which are animal-people who can transform into full-on animals, and fight using their natural strength rather than weapons or spells.

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