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Paper Mario Attack-Granting Badges

I only figured this out recently, but apparently in Paper Mario 2, when you wear multiple copies of the same attack-granting badge, for each additional copy the FP cost actually doubles rather than increasing linearly. I've mostly gone linear here instead, though I usually stop at three copies anyway. If you want to stack higher than three, those listed here should establish enough of a linear pattern to make further stackage easily computable. You'll also notice that I've changed Ice Power from affecting all of the wearer's attacks to just granting a single Elemental attack, and made a corresponding version for every Element. This was because locking all of your attacks into a single Element means that you can't do anything against someone who's immune to that Element, and the potential benefits of going up against someone weak to that Element aren't much better than if you just have a single attack of that Element. As always, feel free to ignore me and change it back if you like.