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Attack-Granting Badges

An attack-granting badge adds a special attack with the same name as the badge to the wearer's list of attacks, which can then be used just like a naturally-learned attack. Badge-granted attacks should be put at the end of the attack list with {Badge} written in front of the attack name, and of course if the badge is unequipped (including if it's stolen mid-battle or the like) then the character loses access to the attack and it is removed from their list.

Like in Paper Mario 2, some badge-granted attacks will be altered if the character wears more than one copy of the same badge (which basically replaced there being a separate badge that grants a stronger version of the same attack in the first game). Such effects, if any, will be indicated here, and if no effect is indicated for multiple copies, then no such effect exists.

If you're wondering where the Bug Fables list is, unfortunately most of the attacks granted by those badges ended up being either a less impressive version of something that already existed in one of these lists, or else too character-specific or otherwise unworkable in Arpeggio terms, so I didn't use them here. Some of the Bug Fables badges that granted passive effects rather than selectable attacks are scattered throughout the other badge list pages, so check those for those.

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