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What I've done with General Guy is used Arpeggio's vehicle system to differentiate the Guy from the tank he's driving. The tank therefore has the stats you'll recognize from the battle, while General Guy inside is humorously revealed to only have 7 HP like a normal Shy Guy. Since in the game he was defeated when the tank fell apart, I made the tank deal 7 damage to its driver upon destruction. You couldn't attack the General until after defeating his army, but in Arpeggio it may be possible to circumvent that, and in fact since the tank doesn't protect him against psychic attacks, if you have a decent one of those you may be able to one-shot him without worrying about the tank at all. Obviously, if you don't like this, upgrade the tank with an AI or give the General himself more HP. I did at least arm him with a Spy Guy Hammer, though to keep it a secret I left it currently unequipped.

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