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A key member of Count Bleck's posse along with O'Chunks, Dimentio, and Nastasia, she's a shapeshifter who often appears as a small, green-skinned girl, but her true form is a horrible six-legged spider robot. As the chapter boss of 2-4, she's just as unsuited for turn-based conversion as Fracktail: after an initial stage of invincibility much like most Paper Mario endbosses or Tubba Blubba without his heart, beating her is a matter of knocking off all six of her legs, which, as with Fracktail, is a matter of number of hits rather than damage dealt. Jumping on her once would cause her to briefly slump down and stop moving, at which point hitting her again would cause her to lose a leg. I've written her similarly here, requiring two successive hits in one turn for the same effect. As for the invincibility, that was plot-based, so do what you will, but if you like you could use the Invincibility Status Benefit. Mimi tends to repeat her name before transforming (or all the time in her true form), similar to the singing warm-up technique.


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