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Snowflake Obsidian Sheet


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This one's really stretching the "only canon abilities" thing, as the one Snowflake Obsidian that we see in the show probably has less than a cumulative minute of screentime, but we see her create an ice pillar, and she describes her job under the Diamonds as "digging ice trenches," which works with Arpeggio's "underground" mechanic (stolen from Bug Fables). Apart from that, I gave her similar stats to a Bismuth due to a similar size and working-class vibe. The mineral snowflake obsidian is named for its splotches of lighter coloration, a feature which the Gem type has on her skin; these are described as "battle scars" in some sources, but that seems questionable given that it's a namesake. Perhaps the most important thing is not to confuse Snowflake with the fusion called Obsidian, which is, uh... slightly bigger.