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A creature resembling a Bob-Omb with horns, though in other appearances it's had more of a bell shape or just been an actual bull head with boots. In platformers it pushes Mario backward rather than damaging him, generally being positioned around lava or bottomless pits, and in turn the Bully can't be damaged but can be pushed into these to defeat it. In Arpeggio, I've translated it as an enemy that pushes one player into another to damage both, and this attack has the special property of working even when contact damage is dealt: normally, being Spiky or Electrified or what have you not only damages anyone who touches a character, but actually interrupts the attack they were attempting to perform, not dealing its damage or other effects. Bullies push through this; they'll still take the contact damage, but their attack will be completed, and because the attack pushes one player into another, if either of those players are Spiky or etc., they'll deal that damage to each other in addition to taking the normal damage from the Bully's attack. If a Bully is feeling particularly smart, it will push a non-Spiky player into a Spiky one, not taking the contact damage itself but inflicting it on the pushed player. I've also given Bullies high Defense, but they have low HP and Brain Power, so psychic attacks can deal with them easily.