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Paper Mario Enemy Sheets

Here we have the true reason that this site exists: I love the battle system of the first two Paper Mario games so much that I get a sort of Zen satisfaction from spending endless hours thinking about, and in this case recording, its enemy stats. As such, you'll find sheets for every enemy from the first two Paper Mario games here—but that's not all: I've also given Paperesque stats to some other common Mario enemies who have never officially appeared in such a form, and I even have a few sheets here for enemy variants that I've made up myself.

The sheets for actual Paper Mario enemies are not all 100% accurate to their stats in the games; for the most part they'll be the same, but if an enemy had different stats in each of the first two games, then I'll have gone with one or the other here (usually I choose the higher values, to compensate for the fact that a player party in Arpeggio tends to be stronger), and in a few cases I've outright increased or decreased a stat based on my own subjective opinions about what would make more sense. Some spiked enemies that did not have higher Attack Power than their non-spiked variants in the games do have it here, which is to make up for many spiked enemies not counting as fully Spiky (as in, passively damaging direct attackers) in Arpeggio terms. On that note, the actual names of these enemies used "Spiked" in the first game but "Spiky" in the second; I prefer the first, so I've gone with that. I've tried to give as many enemies as possible at least one special attack, so some of those are conceptually reaching a bit, and as per Arpeggio's mechanics, I've given every enemy a simple basic attack with no special effects to it, which some of them may not have had in the games. (There are some very rare exceptions to this, like Bill Blasters, who are still able to produce Bullet Bills as their costless basic attack, but I've shied away from this as much as possible.) A fair number of Paper Mario enemies have rather specific gimmicks that require individual explanations in the "Notes" section at the end of their Arpeggio sheets; for the most part these have been preserved, but some were necessarily altered or outright excluded. And obviously, for stats that only exist in Arpeggio like the field stats, I'm just making those up myself.

Despite the wealth of content here, Paper Mario enemies generally have low HP and a typical team of player characters in Arpeggio tends to be siginficantly more powerful than Mario and his active partner, so these enemies may not be very useful if your goal is to give the players a difficult challenge in battle. There are a number of ways to mitigate this: many of them have 0 MP and/or 0 VP, allowing them to wear one or two badges for free; most of them are designed to fight without weapons, and so giving them weapons may result in ridiculous amounts of damage; the fusion mechanic can produce stronger variations on normal enemies without much effort, as the stats of the fusers are merely added together; enemies can appear in larger groups than they did in Paper Mario, or later-game enemies can appear earlier; or if all else fails, you can simply increase their max HP, perhaps multiplying it by anything from 2 to 10.

Due to the large number of enemies in this section, they're divided into subpages based on which chapter of a Paper Mario game they would most likely appear in. But in case you're not familiar with that kind of thing, I've also included a page that just lists all of them at once.

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