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A creature that looks something like an oversized purple Bob-Omb with blue hands and a gray spike on the bottom that it balances on, sliding around like some sort of ice skater or hovercar. As its name implies, it likes to pick up and throw its opponents. This is its sole function, so if you have a way to avoid damage from the fall, you're golden. Chuckyas were only ever seen in Super Mario 64 and did not appear very intelligent, though their single-mindedness made them a threat if they caught you off guard, and they tended to be found in high places to exacerbate the fall. Since in 64 they couldn't be damaged by normal attacks but could be defeated with a single taste of their own medicine, in Arpeggio they have a high Defense Power of 3, but their stats are set up so that taking Long Fall damage will kill them in one hit.