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Parabuzzy Sheet


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A winged Buzzy Beetle. If it is damaged by an attack, its wings fall off, leaving it a normal Buzzy, but it is immune to fire attacks, so these will not knock it from the air. (Unless, of course, its shell has been removed.) Similarly to how wingless Buzzies have high Platform stats because of their ability to cling to walls and ceilings, Parabuzzies have high Strength because of the way that they sometimes function as flying platforms, allowing Mario to stand on their backs instead of bouncing off; the Strength allows them to carry other characters on their backs as they fly. These solid-backed Parabuzzies are sometimes referred to as Para-Beetles instead, possibly constituting a separate species, but it seems easier to condense them into one here, as was the case in Super Mario Maker.


Buzzy Beetle