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Dark Piranha Sheet


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The pure black silhouette of a Piranha Plant. Along with the Bone Piranha and the Polluted Piranha, this is yet a third version of how I'm using the stats of the enemy just called Piranha Plant in Paper Mario 2, which despite having the basic name was the strongest version of the enemy. As you might guess based on this information, there was no Dark Piranha in Super Paper Mario, but since Piranha Plants date back to the original Super Mario Bros., I decided to include them. Like with the Bone Piranha, I've allowed this one to use all three Elements used by weaker varieties (fire, poison, and ice), but in the spirit of Dark enemy extremeness, these attacks do full damage (as opposed to the Bone Piranha's versions, which cut its Attack Power in half). Their Status Problems also last longer if they take effect.