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Dark Shy Guy Sheet


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This didn't appear in Super Paper Mario, as no Shy Guys did. However, since some of the Dark enemies combined aspects of all of their weaker variations, I had the idea to combine the powers of every type of Shy Guy, and I couldn't resist. Because this includes a bunch of extra-wacky Shy Guy types that I made up myself, this gets... pretty ridiculous. I've left out the abilities of Fawful Guys, since I made a separate Dark Dark Fawful Guy; the whole Eye Guy thing, since there isn't a Dark Mr. I; same with the Knight Guy, since there's no Dark Ostro; the abilities of Dead Guys, since those can be used by turning into a Dead Guy via the Die Guy's suicide attack; and basically anything relating to General Guy and his army, since that's a boss battle and none of it worked very well here anyway. Also, there's no Dark Medi Pod, and they won't ride in a regular Medi Pod since that would ruin the pure black color scheme. For the same reason, they'll usually only carry a Dark Spy Guy Hammer and a Dark Guy Spear, possibly along with a Dark Tome (which is not completely shadowy but is probably close enough) or maybe a Witch's Hat in order to cast magic spells, but they might sometimes have other weapons on them. When they feel like taking after the Koopa Guy, a Dark Shell is best. Due to the way that they combine all of the Shy Guy abilities, they're also known as Unify Guys.

Dark Spy Guy Hammer | Dark Guy Spear