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A fusion of all three dragon siblings from Paper Mario 2: Hooktail, the boss of Chapter 1; Gloomtail, a midboss of Chapter 8; and Bonetail, the optional boss who is stronger than the final boss of the story. Hooktail mostly just drags her brothers down, particularly with her weakness to cricket noises, but to make things simple I had that just remove her from the fusion rather than lower their base stats, and I also changed her fire breath from a straight 4 damage to x1, since the straight 4 was just done to mimic a slight quirk in the original numbers. That being the case, Fusetail can use a ton of different breath effects at massive power, which can be charged even further thanks to Gloomtail's abilities, and can also heal for 20 HP at any time. I also gave the fusers support levels with each other since they were never seen together, so a support bonus will now activate for the fusion. You've got a long fight ahead of you.