OstinatoArpeggio Info

Key Enemy Sheet


Weapon Levels

Most enemies who are not designed to wield weapons will have E Weapon Levels in all types of weapons, and this will be indicated here as "n/a." If the enemy has any Weapon Levels that are higher than E, then they will be listed here, followed by "Other: E" to show that their level in all other types of weapons is E. Enemies will not earn use points when they use weapons, so their weapon levels will remain static. It is possible, however, for different instances of an otherwise identical enemy to have different weapon levels.

Support Levels

Enemy species will as a rule have no support levels, but bosses may have some, particularly if they are designed to be fought in a boss battle involving more than one boss character.

Combat Stats

All enemy species have the same set of stats as player characters, though in many, some of these stats go functionally unused. Enemies are not subject to the player character stat restrictions, so their stats can have practically any values, with obvious exceptions like needing to have at least 1 max HP.

Field Stats

Enemy field stats operate on the same 1-to-9 scale as those of other characters, again with absolutely no exceptions. However, enemy field stat totals can be as low as all stats being 1 or as high as all being 9. Enemy species may have a Unique field ability, but still only one each (although sometimes I'll fudge this by having the single ability description amount to more than one). As with Affinities, a species having a Unique ability does not require every individual character who belongs to that species to have that same ability.



As with the regular items, this will be a list of possibilities, but again an actual instance of an enemy species is still limited to the same kind of four-slot weapon inventory as any other character. The right weapon can, in some cases, completely change the nature and/or degree of threat presented by the enemy.

Special Attacks

A list of the enemy's special attacks, including the necessary information relating to stats. Some enemies are built around using one or more specific special attacks, while others may have none and instead be built around weapon use or whatnot. The VP costs of enemy special attacks may sometimes differ drastically from how much the same attack would cost on a player character, but often they won't be far removed.

Psychic Attacks

A list of the enemy's psychic attacks, if any. On the enemy sheets that you'll find on this site, I've mainly used the default psychic attacks, which are based on those from Mother 3, regardless of where the enemy itself is from. But they can, of course, have more original ones.

Magical Attacks

A list of the enemy's magical attacks, if any. Since the default spells are based on Fire Emblem, naturally the magic-based Fire Emblem enemies use them, but other magical enemies usually have their own unique stuff.

Elemental Modifiers

Enemies are restricted to the same specific modifiers as other characters (a neutral "--", a +2 weakness, a -2 resistance, a +5 super-weakness, or a x0 immunity, as well as the rarer cases of absorption into HP, VP, or MP, and "XX" Instant Death), but they don't have to have equivalent numbers of weaknesses and resistances the way that players do, so a given enemy could be weak to all Elements, or immune to all of them, or whatever. Oftentimes enemies are immune to the Element(s) that they use, but any combination is possible.


A brief paragraph explaining anything about the enemy's characteristics that is relevant but not covered by the statistical information. For some characters, these will inevitably be rather lengthy "brief paragraphs."


As with other characters, this section only appears on the sheet when there's something extra that needs to be explained, and otherwise is left off completely. But you'll see notes on enemy sheets often enough to indicate when enemies can fly, are Spiky or Made of an Element, or have their own quirky mechanics meant to spice up battles and keep the players on their toes. This section is a catch-all for anything that hasn't already been covered, so go as wild or as mild as you like.