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Magnus von Grapple 4.2 Sheet




Psychic Attacks

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An upgrade from Magnus von Grapple 2.0 designed and operated by the Grate Oracle Lewot. Improvements from the previous version include: full control of flight allowing it to dodge earthquakes without taking extra damage from bows; an AI allowing it to block psychic damage and use PK Thunder and PK Shield for free until destroyed; instant regeneration of X-Fists; an armor-piercing effect on its audience-firing machinegun attack; the ability to fold into a small piece of paper and be stored in a normal item inventory slot (even when its own inventory paradoxically contains items); and last but not least, when it is destroyed, the explosion hurts everyone except for the driver. The robot has a sky blue palette and the number 42 on its chest, and its design incorporates grates to help maintain Lewot's grate-based psychic power. Oh, and its two X-Fists together deal 42 damage, and don't automatically die when it does.

Grate Oracle Lewot

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