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A giant version of the Goomba's Shoe, therefore sometimes worn by Giant Goombas. The normal-size shoe is from Super Mario Bros. 3, but the giant version originated in Super Mario Maker. In Arpeggio, the giant one counts as a vehicle instead of armor due to the fact that, like in Super Mario Maker, its ground pound sends out a shockwave in the form of bitey-looking ghost-type things that can deal damage, and this functioned better as a vehicle attack rather than a complicated unique property of a suit of armor. To mimic the giant shoe's ability to kill normally unkillable enemies like Thwomps and Munchers, the ghosts and even its basic collision stomp are [X] attacks. However, while it has a little more HP than the regular shoe, it's definitely a glass cannon as vehicles go, therefore still working more like a Mario power-up. That being said, it's not as snug of a fit as the regular shoe, so it counts as an open-cockpit vehicle, which on the one hand means the vehicle might survive longer since the driver can be attacked directly, but on the other hand, the driver can be attacked directly. This is actually probably how the players would acquire one: kill the driver without damaging the shoe, which hearkens back to SMB3.


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