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Winged Giant Goomba's Shoe Sheet




Elemental Modifiers


In Super Mario Maker, you can add wings to almost any enemy regardless of whether or not a "Para-" version of it had appeared in a game before, and similarly you could apply a Mushroom to most enemies to make them giant (in some cases transforming them into a different enemy that was effectively a bigger version of the same concept). This is both of those boosts applied to the Goomba's Shoe. This version is identical to the un-winged, but still giant, version of the shoe, the only difference being the wings which allow it to fly. Because of how Arpeggio works, it can fly indefinitely, unlike in Super Mario Maker where it was more of a flutter jump, but to be somewhat closer to that I haven't maximized its Platform stat, so it can only fly up to heights of 5 instead of 9. I'd probably say that this is also the red high heel version of the shoe, but only for comedy's sake; I believe there was a slight difference between the two shoe types in Super Mario Maker, namely which enemies they could kill at which size, but none of that really translates here, so that difference is just cosmetic. For maximum silliness, have one of these piloted by a regular Goomba instead of a giant one.


Giant Goomba's Shoe | Winged Giant Goomba's Shoe

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