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Hybrid Weapons

Hybrid weapons are weapons that have both melee and projectile functions. While technically one can smack people with a normal projectile weapon, this only deals the same amount of damage as an unarmed basic attack; hybrid weapons incorporate an intended melee function into the weapon, allowing it to be used effectively either way. Like normal melee weapons, however, a certain Weapon Level is usually required to properly utilize the melee function of the weapon, although the projectile function can still be freely used by anyone unless otherwise noted. Usually, the projectile function will require ammunition and be unaffected by the user's stats, again just like a regular projectile weapon. If the projectile function is Bow-like or otherwise more complicated than a simple gun trigger, then a Weapon Level may be required to utilize the projectile function as well. Hybrid weapons are mostly inspired by RWBY.

To actually imitate the style of RWBY (where each individual character gets a highly unique weapon), I would perhaps ignore the idea of Weapon Levels and just start the players out with something at the strength level of an A-level weapon, but assume that they will never change weapons and make them unable to use any other weapon that they pick up (that is, as usual, have attacks attempted with it always miss). The players in this case would begin the game doing more damage than would be expected in Paper Mario, which would help to capture some of the intensity of RWBY's action, and since weapons are even individually named, there would be emotional reasons not to discard them for stronger versions later, so basically starting them at A-level would eliminate the need to upgrade. Weapon Levels may still be listed to allow characters to use somebody else's weapon if it is of a similar type, but as a penalty for starting at A-level, it may be outright impossible to train oneself in additional weapon types. Since weapons would be individually unique, weapon sheets would have to be individually written up, so the sheets listed here are for more generic hybrid weapons combining simple preexisting melee and projectile types, and mostly only exist to give you a general starting point to work off of, although they could also come in handy if the players start a fight with someone for whom you hadn't designed a unique weapon.

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