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Cave Story Weapons

The guns from Cave Story do not all belong to the same weapon type, but they're grouped together here due to sharing a different mechanic: like in Cave Story, these guns can collect XP and level up. Their power will generally increase at higher levels, but in some cases there are other changes as well. Also just like in Cave Story, they can level back down; a Cave Story gun loses XP whenever the wielder takes damage with it equipped, with XP lost equal to HP lost, a.k.a. damage taken. Therefore, the gimmick of these things is to level them up and then avoid being hurt to keep them strong. Their stats are taken directly from Cave Story but toned down on the higher end to be more compatible with Paper Mario-type numbers; nevertheless, when fully leveled up, these will probably be the strongest projectile weapons you'll find in Arpeggio, but of course the possibility of leveling back down helps balance this.

Because player characters will eventually max out their own level and stop receiving XP, Cave Story weapons are all considered to be at Level 0 in terms of XP received from enemies, receiving the full XP amount instead of that minus the user's Level. Therefore, they will usually receive more XP than the player using them. Because XP is only received at the end of battle, players can perform a trick similar to switching out weak Pokémon: by changing which weapon they have equipped just before the battle ends, they can choose which of these weapons receives the XP from the battle. By allowing a teammate to perform the finishing blow, they can even have a little breathing time to decide about this; this is especially relevant with the Spur, which uses up any XP that it has acquired when fired. Meanwhile, more relevant to the Nemesis, a single hit of damage taken can only level down these weapons by one level, so if the amount of damage taken was mathematically enough to drop a weapon from Level 3 all the way back to Level 1, the weapon will instead be left at Level 2 with 0 XP toward regaining Level 3. However, each hit of multiple-hit attacks counts separately for this, so they can level down these weapons multiple times. You could also award XP to these weapons in mid-battle as soon as a particular enemy is killed, just remember not to give them that same XP again at the end of battle.