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Example Character Sheets

The Key Character Sheet is pretty daunting to look at, so here I'll provide some example sheets without any intermittent babbling, and then I'll analyze them to explain anything that might not be clear. These are specifically examples of player-type characters rather than enemies, and player characters who are just starting out at the beginning of the game rather than veterans, so they will follow all the rules laid out on the Key Character Sheet. Hopefully these examples will make the character creation process clearer, but realize that they do not cover all possible options. Example #1 is the simplest character, and Example #3 is the most complicated one.

In addition to those three, I have an example sheet for a fusion character, which shows how those sheets will differ from normal ones, and another sheet that demonstrates how to write up a character who is wearing badges, which is a little complicated due to the way that badges work in Arpeggio. If you're a new player, you can ignore the fusion and badge stuff until your Maestro tells you otherwise.