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Current Stats

HP: 16/16, VP: 12/12, MP: 0/0, Status: Normal
Blood Alcohol Level: 0.00

Weapon Levels

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Equipped Badges

Combat Stats

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Special Attacks

Psychic Attacks

Magical Attacks

Elemental Modifiers


So as you can see, unequipped badges take up slots in the item inventory, but equipped badges go in a different section and there's no limit to how many can be worn except for their BP costs. BP extraction reduces either HP, VP, or MP, potentially leaving the maximums at non-multiples of 5 like we have here. And remember that the Danger Zone still references the badgeless maximum HP, so if Guy were to put on even more badges, he might end up constantly in Danger, allowing for the Power Rush effect to always be present.

I put the word "Badge" at the end of the item's name when it's in the item inventory to clarify that it's a badge, but when it's already in an equipped badges list this is no longer necessary. What is probably also not necessary is to list multiple worn copies of the same badge separately, but I found it, shall we say, cleaner; feel free to do it (or any of this really) your own way, but this is here to specify what I'll be doing.

I guess I've decided that curly brackets {} are the official marker for badge effects, so we put "{Badge}" in front of special attacks that are granted by badges, and I've also used it to indicate the higher Attack Power provided by the Attack Plus Badge (similarly to how I put the defensive bonus provided by a Koopa's shell in parentheses after its Defense Power). I included VimUp α as one of Guy's non-badge attacks to point out another similarity: I usually bold the names of attacks for readability, but I don't bold the name (and leave off the attack description) if the attack in question comes from one of the default lists, I guess just to indicate that it does so; similarly, I think I'll do the same for badge-granted attacks, but you can differentiate them from default attacks by the aforementioned "{Badge}" bit. Default attacks cost an Attack Point for player characters (that's the "AP" bit above the basic attack), but badge attacks don't, obviously using the BP cost instead. Brackets could be used for other badge effects; for example, Guy is holding (but not wearing) a Water Healer Badge, which, if worn, would change his Elemental Modifier for Water to "HP", making him absorb damage from Water-type attacks, healing HP instead of taking damage: this could be indicated by leaving his normal "--" Water Modifier in place but putting after it "{HP}".

I don't think I'll bother listing the effects of badges like Power Rush in the "Notes" section of the character sheet, but if I did I would put "{Badge}" in front of that too, and anything else of the kind. Um, I guess also note that Guy is wearing two copies of Piercing Blow, making it a [X] attack instead of a [/] one; no need to copy the stats of any version of a badge attack except the one that's actually provided by the current number of copies worn. Unlike with the default psychic and magic attacks where you're supposed to learn each version in a row and can still use the weaker versions later, badge attacks only provide one version at a time; what you could possibly do is, if someone is wearing the maximum number of copies of an attack-granting badge to get the highest effect listed, and then puts on another copy, you could also give them access to the first, weaker version of that same attack as a separate... um, attack. Which I guess could then be powered up by even more copies until we're back where we started. If this is too confusing, though, you don't have to allow it.