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Character Creation Quick Guide

Let me be frank about this: the Arpeggio system is supposed to be simpler than other systems, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can create a character without reading any of the other pages on the site. The easiest way to do character creation is to have me walk you through it in real time and fill out your sheet myself, in which case you'll want my contact information, but of course I won't be around forever. If you want or have to brave it yourself, you should at minimum review the key character sheet (and maybe the example character sheets), as well as these two extremely long and rambly pages explaining the battle system and the process of making up attacks. But you most likely want to skip all that, so I will attempt to accomodate on this page, although I will still link to other pages to avoid repeating information that has already been repeated an uncountable number of times. Let's get started.

This page will explain how to create a character that is simple in Arpeggio terms. By this I mean that we won't be using things like Iron Man's armor (which would get its own separate character sheet), we won't make a character who controls other characters such as a Pokémon Trainer, we won't shift between an Attack Form and a Defense Form, or other unusual things like that; for those kinds of complications, see this page and, well, the rest of the site.

We're creating a player character at Level 0; to start at a higher level, do this part first and then just apply the appropriate number of level ups. I'll break this into steps:

Now that you've completed these ten steps, you can fill out the following character sheet. Note that your character's Attack Power, Magic Power, and Brain Power are all set to 1; you cannot affect the starting values of these stats, so you don't have to worry about them for now. Attack, Magic, Brain, and Defense stats are not increased by leveling up, but rather at the whim of the Maestro, so usually you get to pick one of the four to increase by 1 point at the end of each significant portion of the plot, or else you have to specifically seek out special items that grant permanent increases to these stats. Note that your basic attack (from Step 6) will deal damage equal to your Attack Power, so, to start with, it will only deal 1 damage. Your character may also start with some items, money, and/or armor, but it will be up to your Maestro to decide whether or not to use the default items and armor on this website and what kind of currency to use in the game, so for now we won't worry about that (but if you want to browse the defaults, here are items and here are suits of armor).

For printable blank character sheets and the like, check here.


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