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Jr. Troopa Sheet (4)


Current Stats

HP: 20/40, VP: 40/40, MP: 0/0, Status: Normal
Blood Alcohol Level: 0.00

Weapon Levels

Support Levels


Combat Stats

Field Stats



Special Attacks

Psychic Attacks

Magical Attacks

Elemental Modifiers


Jr. Troopa in his fourth form, with his bat wings and also a spike on his head. Unfortunately for him, in Arpeggio terms, one spike isn't enough to be considered Spiky, although you could make an exception for historical accuracy. If so, projectile attacks are the way to go against him. Since he swam all the way to Lavalava Island and back, he starts this battle with half of his HP already gone—this obviously wouldn't need to be the case if you're doing something different with him, so giving him his actual full HP could make up for the lack of Spikiness.


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