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This has to do with the "Spy Cards" minigame from Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling, which has little bearing on any other aspect of Arpeggio, so you don't have to care about this section unless you're interested in the minigame. If you are, you get the idea: I've made card entries here for characters from other series besides Bug Fables. Feel free to make different cards for the same characters if you don't like mine. With so many characters floating around Ostinato, I may not have gotten around to making card entries for all of them, or vice versa, I might have cards for characters who don't actually have sheets, so also feel free to fill in those gaps where necessary.

As a means of consolidation, the cards used for the minigame are considered to be the same type of item as the Catch Cards from Super Paper Mario, the generic item entry for which is here, with a blank usable Catch Card being here. Arpeggio also has another type of item called a Spell Card, which can be used to cast a magic spell that the user doesn't otherwise know, but those cards aren't used in the minigame. However, any of these different types of cards can be stored inside a Card Pack, allowing many to be held without taking up a character's entire inventory.

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