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Held Items

These items grant the user an effect so long as they are in the inventory, and cannot be "used" as other items are, so they never disappear. The effects of these items are only active for the holder, and holding more than one of the same item does not double the effect (or anything higher). The Mega Ring and Mega Stones work just like they do in Pokémon: the Trainer must have the Mega Ring in their inventory, and the Pokémon must have the Mega Stone corresponding to its species (e.g., a Gengar must have a Gengarite), and even then only one Mega Evolution can be performed per battle. A Mega Evolved Pokémon loses this state if it is killed and revived in the same battle or if one of the necessary items is stolen, but the effects of Mega Evolution in Arpeggio may vary widely, and a player playing as a Trainerless Pokémon can simply hold the appropriate Mega Stone to perform a Mega Evolution by itself. Z-Moves are basically Mega Evolution for attacks, requiring a Z-Ring on the Trainer and a Z-Crystal of a certain Element on the Pokémon, and again only one Z-Move can be used per battle—but unlike in Pokémon, where only one item can be held, Mega Evolution and a Z-Move are possible on the same Pokémon at the same time in Arpeggio. The Berries, also from the Pokémon games, are more like normal healing items and do disappear when used, but (much like Life Shrooms) are used automatically under certain circumstances when held in the inventory, so are listed here.