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A semi-sentient blob of green goo invented by Professor E. Gadd based on data scans of Luigi done by E. Gadd's Pixelator (a teleportation device). Gooigi was meant to serve as E. Gadd's personal ghost hunter to be used when the real Luigi isn't available, and as such, is capable of performing all of Luigi's actions from the Luigi's Mansion games, although it's worth noting that Luigi can't jump in those games, so Gooigi doesn't have his platforming prowess. By storing Gooigi in a compressed form inside a tank on the Poltergust G-00, Luigi essentially had a functional duplicate of himself that he could call upon at any time in Luigi's Mansion 3. Gooigi can even manifest his own gooey duplicate of the Poltergust G-00 itself, which can perform all of the vacuum's functions with the natural exception of spawning Gooigi. That being said, there are a few differences between Luigi and Gooigi, with Gooigi being able to squeeze into tight places or through grates, waltz through spike traps, and even be chewed or stomped on by certain enemies without a care—however, he "isn't remotely waterproof," and has similar problems with fire; if he makes even the slightest contact with either, he will immediately dissolve and return to the Poltergust. That being said, whenever Gooigi dissolves or loses all of his HP, he just returns to the tank and can shortly be summoned again with his HP fully restored, and he even slowly recovers HP when he's out. So, in Arpeggio, if a character has a Poltergust G-00 and has Gooigi stored in the tank, then that character, when that weapon is equipped, can, as a no-cost function of the weapon, use their turn to spawn Gooigi, who enters battle with his normal 25 HP and functionally has a copy of the G-00 equipped. The character with the actual G-00 can then select Gooigi's actions in battle, with Gooigi getting his own action per turn separate from theirs, effectively doubling their Poltergust power. Since Gooigi is a very special type of character who mainly functions as a complex aspect of a weapon, he doesn't use VP or MP and can use any of his special attacks freely, which are the same attacks provided by the Poltergust G-00. However, as a trade-off, he can't receive permanent stat increases, build Weapon Levels, or wear badges, and in general cannot change his stats or abilities (though it may be possible for him to build support, and he can receive Status Conditions). He can carry weapons and items, and even wear armor (though this may fall off if he has to slip through a tight space), but any of these that he's carrying when he gets recalled or dissolved will fall down where he was standing and need to be collected, rather than automatically going to the Poltergust G-00 user. On the other hand, money that Gooigi has collected or ghosts that he has captured will automatically be transferred. Gooigi can't use Super Suction Sockets, and isn't particularly bright or motivated on his own, mostly needing someone to tell him what to do in order to accomplish anything, though once instructed he can carry out multiple complex actions independently. A commercial version of Gooigi would probably be able to shape itself into any user of a Poltergust G-00, not just Luigi, but it would mostly have the same stats regardless (with some potential for retaining additional abilities, such as imitation of a winged character allowing flight).