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Dry Bones Shell Sheet




Elemental Modifiers


A wicked-awesome power-up from Super Mario Maker 2 that you can ride in similarly to the Goomba's Shoe. Along with stepping on spikes, this lets you boat across water or even lava, as well as play dead like a Dry Bones. There is a bit of confusion here since, in Arpeggio as in Paper Mario, Dry Bones are actually weak to fire instead of immune to it as they are in most other Mario games, but since an actual Dry Bones just has regular Defense Power instead of using shell armor like a live Koopa, it's technically a totally separate thing from this vehicle, so it vaguely works out. I will say that there are red and blue variants of the Dry Bones Shell based on the Red Bones and Dark Bones (and possibly even a pure black shadow version based on Super Paper Mario's Dark Dark Bones), but they're only cosmetically different. No matter the color, the shell is such a tight fit that, despite your upper half sticking out unshielded, it still counts as a fully enclosed vehicle, and like the Goomba's Shoe armor will therefore absorb all damage until it breaks, so if you want to hold on to it, try to avoid being hurt. Some SMM2 players refer to it by the shorter name Dry Bowl, descriptive of its upside-down shape.


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