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Weather Conditions

Stolen mainly from the Pokémon series, different types of weather will have different effects on the attacks used in battle, whether that weather is naturally occurring or generated by someone's special attack. As with Status Conditions, these weather effects are my particular take, so feel free to change or remove them, or add even more. Only one Weather Condition can be active at a time, so inducing one while another is active will remove the first. Damage dealt by harmful Weather Conditions like Hail and Acid Rain ignores Defense Power but not armor, in the same manner as things like Electrification and Spikiness. Umbrella-type weapons (which count as Lances in the Weapon Triangle) will, when equipped, protect the user against damage from Rain, Hail, Acid Rain, and Harsh Sunlight (though they will also block the healing if the character would receive that), but they will still take extra damage from attacks that have been powered up by the conditions. They are not protected from the damaging effects of Sandstorm, Hotspot, or Superstorm, because the sand, heat, and rain in those conditions comes from every direction.