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Base Stat Increase Items

These items permanently increase one of the user's base stats when used—in other words, this is no mere temporary Stat Increase, but an actual leveling up of the stat in perpetuity. They cannot increase the base stats of a player character past the player character stat limits: a maximum Attack Power of 3, Magic of 4, Defense of 9, or Brain of 5 (or -5 for an insane character). A sane character can use insanity-increasing items to change from being sane to insane or vice versa, but the character must pass through a period of having 0 Brain Power (an insane character whose Brain Power has been increased to 0 might still show symptoms of insanity until further increasing it to 1, but probably less so than before). The Heart Scale, which allows the user to redesign one of their special attacks, can be used to get rid of a lower-tier version of one of the default psychic attacks or magic spells while retaining any higher versions known, ultimately subverting the requirement of knowing the lesser version in order to know the higher ones. If any of these items are carried around instead of being immediately used, they go in the normal item inventory, and can be stolen (and used by enemies, who have no stat limits).