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Bipedal, sentient turtles; the color refers to their turtle shell. The basic infantry units of King Bowser Koopa's Koopa Troop. In Paper Mario, an important battle mechanic was that jump-type attacks would flip shelled enemies like Koopas over onto their backs, and until they got back up, further attacks would target their soft underbellies, bypassing their Defense Power; this system is optional in Arpeggio, so if it's not used, the shell just provides constant armor defense, making the Koopa a bit more resilient. See the shell armor page for further details. It's possible for a Koopa to appear without a shell, which is actually standard when they're driving the Koopa Troopa Car from Super Mario Maker. Meanwhile, to create a Super Koopa from Super Mario World, take a shell-less Koopa and add the Cape Feather version of the Raccoon State Status Benefit.

Koopa Troopa Car