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Koopa Shells

These are the shells worn by the various shelled creatures of the Mario world, from Koopas to Nokis. Generally speaking they are lightweight and longevous but offer only a small defensive bonus. Notably the shells of Buzzy Beetles give the wearer an immunity to Fire-type attacks; this is in contrast to the Elemental Armor, whose Elemental Modifiers only apply to damage taken by the armor itself, not the person wearing it.

Technically, I counted shell-spinning as a Unique field ability for Koopas (used for crossing hazards), so it would make some sense to grant players this ability if they wear a shell, but you could justify not giving it to them by saying that they don't know how to spin properly, since it is something of a mystery how Koopas actually do that. The latter is the way I've written it up. See also flipping.