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Koopa Troopa Car Sheet




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This sweet little ride serves as a power-up of sorts in Super Mario Maker 2. It's basically the Koopa Troopa's equivalent to the Goomba's Shoe, in that it normally appears being driven by a Koopa (notably one not wearing a shell, so he can just be stomped), but can then be stolen by the player. This fits into Arpeggio's vehicle system perfectly. It's really more like a go-kart done up to look like a miniaturized old-fashioned car, so it doesn't have much legroom or durability, but being from the Mario universe it's capable of jumping, and running people over with it deals just as much damage as with a real-world car. It was green in SMM2, but I like the idea that it could appear in different colors depending on which color of Koopa is driving it.


Green Koopa Troopa | Red Koopa Troopa | Yellow Koopa Troopa | Blue Koopa Troopa