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A lime-green, ghostly type of Pikmin with blue eyes, one of which is bulging. They only come out at night, when other Pikmin are hiding in their Onions, and Glow Pikmin are instead born from dirt mounds called Lumiknolls. They're used in night missions, which take the form of a sort of tower defense mode, and due to the frantic nature of this mode and the lack of access to other Pikmin, Glow Pikmin are immune to all Elemental hazards, can sort of fly, quickly progress from Leaf to Bud to Flower without nectar, and will automatically teleport back into their leader's squad after completing tasks. Additionally, they can all merge together into a light bomb called a Glowmob, which will temporarily stun all enemies that it hits, paralyzing them for longer the more Glow Pikmin went into the mob. All of this would make them overpowered in normal play, but it is possible to sprout them in dark places like caves, using Glow Seeds that are earned from completing night missions. However, just like Bulbmin, they won't follow the captain out of the cave, so it's a temporary partnership. It's said that even when Glow Pikmin die, they technically just revert into photons and return to the Lumiknoll, so they're seemingly immortal. My personal theory is that they are actually playable versions of the ghosts that other Pikmin release upon death.


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