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A squad of anywhere from 2 to 100 Pikmin, generally led by a space captain. Due to high numbers and low durability, the whole squad counts as one target. Whenever the squad takes damage, a number of Pikmin equal to damage taken die, reducing the squad's numbers. The Pikmin targeted within the squad are randomized, and different colors of Pikmin have different Elemental immunities, so randomly targeted Pikmin who are immune to the attack in question will not die, reducing the attack's overall effect if Elemental. Rock Pikmin also have a Defense Power of 1, meaning that every Rock Pikmin randomly targeted by the attack will reduce its total damage by 1 (unless it is a [/] or [X] attack), and a Rock Pikmin dealt only 1 damage will not die. Each Pikmin in the squad may hold 1 Bomb Rock, but only one may be thrown per turn as per normal item use rules. The squad can only contain a maximum of 100 Pikmin and any more than that will be split into additional squads; also, if Pikmin are separated from the main squad, e.g. carrying a treasure, then that group counts as a separate squad until called back by the captain. Captains can also intentionally separate one squad into multiple squads for strategic reasons, for example to divide Pikmin by type, allowing them to do things like attack a target who is Made of an Element with only the Pikmin immune to that Element.


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