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A sheet for Koops at Ultra Rank. In addition to his basic attack, I've given him a secondary version of Shell Toss for just 1 VP so that he can get the full 5 damage, and I've replaced the action command for Shell Shield with a die roll. His regular shell is now a piece of armor as per Arpeggio's interpretation of Koopas, and I suppose it would make sense if his special attacks (save maybe Shell Shield) become disabled when his armor breaks, which would logically also apply to his Unique field ability. But as a property of armor, when he has it on he still avoids contact damage (or rather, the shell absorbs it). Whether or not he can be flipped over just depends on if that mechanic is being implemented in the current game of Arpeggio. You might also notice that Koops's shell attacks don't specify "Exempt: Flying" in their target information; the idea here is that they just follow Arpeggio's normal rules about melee attacks missing flyers if the attacker doesn't have a high enough Platform stat. The specific exemption is only listed for earthquake-style attacks that would miss flying targets regardless of Platform stats since the ground itself would have to jump up in order for them to hit.

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